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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a clear layer of self-sealing film that keeps your car’s paint protected from sun, dirt, acid, and even light scratches for years. The benefit of PPF is that it keeps the original color of your vehicle vibrant and sealed no matter what elements it gets exposed to. If you want quality protection for your vehicle’s paint, consider PPF from Precision One Design today.

Ceramic Tint

Protect the interior of your vehicle and save energy on climate control within your car with window tinting for your car from Precision One Design. Our experts know how to darken the windows on your vehicle to match local regulations, and their skillful application ensures that the tint lasts longer without bubbling or warping. Our window tinting services keep your privacy and vehicle’s interior protected.

Chrome Delete

Chrome delete covers only the shiny metallic chrome trim on your vehicle with vinyl or other film materials so your entire car’s look can be a cohesive and complete style. Get “rid” of the old-fashioned chrome trim around your windows, mirrors, and more with chrome delete services from Precision One Design.

Vinyl Wraps

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Until further notice, due to COVID supply chain issues and vinyl availability, we will not be offering color change vinyl wrap services.
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Vinyl car wraps keep your vehicle protected while also customizing its look and style. Unlike full paint-jobs, a vinyl wrap keeps your car’s re-sale value intact and can be easily updated to match your updated aesthetic. We specialize in customizing luxury and exotic vehicles with highly stylized vinyl wraps in matte colors, metallic colors, and more!

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating keeps the paint on your car protected against water damage, sun damage, and UV rays. The chemical can be permanent or semi-permanent and bonds to the paint of your vehicle. There is no color, and it is similar to adding a layer of wax to your car after a wash.  Ceramic coating is beneficial as an alternative to waxing since it doesn’t require re-application, but still works the same way.

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a durable, protective finish to the metallic components of your car. Many people apply it to the undercarriage of vehicles to protect and shield against flying pebbles and dirt on the road. The protective layer is quite durable, though, so it could even withstand off-roading if desired. Powder coating comes in a variety of colors and finishes, much like traditional paint, and can be applied to the body, wheels, grills, and undercarriage of your car.

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