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Alcantara Headliner Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model 3/Y

$2 200.00
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Change the look of your Tesla Model 3/Y with an interior more fitting than the stock gray interior. We are streamlining the process by having the interior headliner pre-wrapped and ready to go once you schedule your appointment. Lead time is 1 week. Price includes installation at our shop. Typical installation time takes 3 hours.

Package Includes: The main headliner, Sun visors, A-Pillar Trim Panels and B-Pillar Trim Panels and Installation.

Optional: Dash trim can be wrapped for an additional $250. We can also wrap the speakers and rear coat hanger/light at no additional charge.

This product is for local install only. We are unable to ship due to size.

Process for headliner project (typically takes about 1 week to complete after first appointment):

  1. Confirm color and pay for the package. We will confirm details in an email and start ordering material.
  2. Once material is ordered and a tracking is received for the material we would schedule your first appointment to remove your headliner. (Usually takes about 2-3 days)
  3. First appointment will take 1-1.5 hours to remove headliner. You will still be able to drive the car. Your rear speakers and mic would not work during this time.
  4. We will wrap your headliner with the material and it will take 3 days.
  5. Second appointment will include the installation of the headliner and typically takes us under 2 hours.
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